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Best places of Qingdao at night,

Qingdao, a city in the republic of china that is located on the coastline east of china. Qingdao is among the coastal cities in china that are growing very fast considering its beaches not forgetting to mention the wonderful mountain that is found here making the area more suitable for everybody who comes to enjoy their vacation there. Qingdao is a home of almost five million people who are from the different culture therefore in thee you will have an opportunity to taste different culture at the same time, in another word by being in Qingdao you will feel like you have traveled the whole of china because every culture is well represented there. Here in Qingdao there are so many places you can enjoy at night and as a matter of fact, you cannot exhaust them in a single night, therefore, you will need to be there for several nights in order to enjoy several things that this place has to offer you. the following are the Best places of Qingdao at night

Beer street

if you decide to travel to this amazing city, the first place you would want to stop at is Tsingtao Brewery a very popular place where you will get to taste the local beer and at the same time get to know how this local drink is made is a good experience tossing as a glass of locally made drink that you have never had for long . in the beer street as well you will have a chance to enjoy a wide range of seafood that is normally the main food in this place meat is also available as well

Taidong Night Market

when the night appears do not forget to take you away from this night market because it has a lot of good things that your heart would desire there are a wide range of goodies sold at various prices and the beauty of it all is that their prices are flexible so you can bargain anything you need and get it at a comfortable price. again in this market don’t be surprised to find food such as juicy chicken neck you can have a bite as you get around this market. this market commonly run until 10 pm at the night

Downtown Bar

while you are in Qingdao do not hesitate to visit some of the local favorite bars such as Downtown Bar where you can have several drinks while chatting with the local to pass the time here you will also enjoy some local delicacy that is prepared by the local chef as well as many live performances where you will come across various DJ you can still have a chance to request your favorite song as you zip a glass of cold beer in Downtown Bar you will surely forget all the trouble you may have gone through the day and make your night a night to remember

Zhong Lian Plaza

around this area, you will also get a lot of clubs where you will really find the real meaning of happiness it is the place where you will get the value for your money because commonly the people that meet here are business-oriented people you will also find a nightclub in the basement where the size of the club is not big but it one of the finest night club around Qingdao

Lennon Bar

Lennon Bar is located along the Zhuhai Road in Qingdao .It is an excellent place to enjoy your evening in style. It features a Chinese restaurant and Western styles, which offers visitors a lot of entertainment. Lennon Bar is one of the favorite local bars which serves local foods and offers live performances here you will enjoy experimental music and international .for those who want to spend a lazy evening with relaxing live music the Lennon bar is the place to be .the bar also offers extensive selections of beer that will make you feel relaxed and happy. Many people are attracted by its beautiful decor style, making them feel comfortable every time they come here. It is also famous for high quality and tasty food that gives a special treat to all visitors; it is open every day and has live performing bands every evening. For reservation book through the address below;

Address: 20 Zhuhai Rd, Ao Fan Ji Di Bai Li Guang Chang Shang Quan, Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong, China

Hailed KTV

 Hailed KTV is located at Jiangxi Road and has become very popular for Asian nightlife culture. .the house features lovely deluxe decorations that attract many visitors. It boosts for its large pub and supermarket where visitors can enjoy shopping at has over fifty entertainment rooms where you want music dances and also drinks

Address: 28 Xinhui Lu, Qingdao

Cherry Bar

This new bar is located a hundred meters from the junction at Yanerdao Road. The bar is more popular with the college students and expatriate community of Qingdao. It is an excellent place to enjoy your evening with pop music with lively dances .it is open from evening till has a cozy ambiance that attracts many visitors

Address: 65 Xianggang Zhong Lu, Qingdao


Soho is a classic American bar that offers visitors a relaxing atmosphere. Its artistic interior decor attracts many customers .The interior decor incorporates metal rollers, thick copper pipe, and kerosene lamps. This makes this place very cozy and attractive .For those who want hip-hop, then SOHO Bar has it for you. Why don’t you try this place for a memorable night?

Address: 162 Jiangxi Rd South District.

Looking for the best places to have great nightlife?, then Qingdao may be your option. Local and international tourists can enjoy themselves in the best bar streets and open-air restaurants. Many of these places have excellent facilities and delicious food. Adventurers looking for a fun night in Qingdao have many choices to enjoy their nightlife. These include dining street food, shopping, bar hopping and homely gatherings of Central Square, Qingdao entertainment district has become popular among youths. If you want a unique taste, then visit Yan’er Dao Road street to find bars that suit your tastes. Restaurants, clubs and bars offer wide selections of beer, and more popular is Qingdao beer .It is true to say that in Qingdao there is something for anyone. Book flights with Cathay Pacific to enjoy the nature of Qingdao