Haven is updated allowing to choose couples of the same gender

With the cooperative genre in full swing after GOTY 2021 achieved by It Takes Two, more and more users are encouraged to play in the company of other people. That is precisely what he proposes. Haven, the latest title from the creators of Furi and that invites us to explore beautiful landscapes and face enemies in the company of our partner. Now Haven is updated allowing to choose couples of the same genderwhich is quite an advance in terms of diversity LGBTI in video games and has been greatly appreciated by fans of The Game Bakers game.

“Now you can choose your Yu and Kay and play as a same-gender couple in Haven. The Free Couple Upgrade is now available on all platforms”, the company based in Montpellier (France) has pointed out before highlighting that Haven is currently facing a 40% discount in almost all services. One of them is Xbox, where you can get Haven for the price of €14.99 instead of the usual 24.99 euros. Haven was part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog until a few weeks ago, but since it’s now gone, if you want to play it on Xbox systems you’ll have to buy it. This discount is a good opportunity.

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Although it can be played solo, Haven is an experience designed to play as a couple. And it is that the argument puts us in the shoes of a romantic couple who flee to an unknown planet through which they always travel together and jointly face the dangers that await them. This latest game update from The Game Bakers brings a touch of diversity and makes more people feel identified enjoying this relaxed adventure with touches of RPG.

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