Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Hugely Delayed

During The Game Awards 2021 gala, Quantic Dream made the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse official, the game that had been rumored for several months by the French studio. Although what was shown at said gala was only a CGI of the title, it was expected to have a playable base to lean on in the coming months. However, it seems that the reality will be quite different.

As reported Tom Hendersonknown insider of the video game industry, especially with franchises like Battlefield, the release date of Star Wars Eclipse has been delayed in a very large way, since as some rumors pointed out at the end of the year, the title would have its arrival scheduled by 2027 or even 2028.

Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Hugely Delayed

If the Star Wars Eclipse release date was going to be so far awayWhy announce it so early? According to Henderson’s words, the studio’s reasons for making the announcement was to attract talented developers who wanted to work on an IP as important as the one created by George Lucas.

Leaked new details of Star Wars Eclipse

However, according to the insider, although the reception of the general public with the trailer of the game was fantastic, the truth is that it has not had the same impact when it comes to attracting talent to the ranks of the studio, so this directly supposes that the release date of the game is affected.

What’s more, the source also indicates that the announcement was made to find a potential buyer of the study, since it seems to be in a somewhat delicate financial situation. Be that as it may, let’s hope Quantic Dream manages to fix the problems soon, both for the general good of the studio and Star Wars Eclipse in particular.

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