This War of Mine has already raised over $700,000 for Ukraine war victims

Just a few days ago, the Polish studio 11 bit studios surprised us with a beautiful fundraising campaign Of funds. The creators of This War of Mine, a game that deals precisely with the harshness of the war and its consequences on the civilian population, wanted to help the victims of the war in Ukraine by making sure that all the sales that the game achieved in the following days were entirely dedicated to this purpose. Now we know that This War of Mine has already raised over $700,000 for Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion of the country.

Without making any show of this charitable fundraising, 11 bit studios has been responding to some of the agencies that shared their initiative with this message: “Thank you very much for spreading the word and making this important message even more vocal.” Next to the text we have an image that indicates that they have already been collected exactly 715,000 dollars in a few days for the victims of the Ukrainian war and that you can still contribute to this cause by purchasing the game on any of the platforms it is available on, including Xbox systems.

Ukraine asks Xbox and PlayStation to stop supporting Russian markets

There are many studios that are joining the global movement to stop supporting the Russian market as a measure of pressure to cease hostilities, but 11 bit studios is one of those that has gone further, offering direct help to the victims of the armed conflict. Remember that This War of Mine: The Little Ones is already available on Xbox and that acquiring it has a double meaning, because you will be directly helping the people who need it most right now.

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